Friday, June 1, 2012

Show Us Your Life Home Tour

Kelly, at Kelly's Korner is hosting another Show Us Your Life Home Tour. I participated in it before and really enjoyed getting to see everyone's homes and get new ideas.
So, here's my living room:

Starting with the couch area-
The clock above the couch is very special: it's a Dutch-made clock from Indonesia that my grandfather collected while they lived there.

To the left of the couch, yes, I have a deer head hanging on my wall! Brian shot it last fall and was SO very proud. It will eventually be moved to join his fish at his office once our new church building is done. And our book/picture shelf full of lots of my favorite pictures!

Next, the TV corner- pretty uneventful but we just moved the tv here after getting our hardwood floors put down. I like it here much better!

My mantle- its not real dressed up but I love it anyway. It has some of my favorite pictures on it too. Outside those two windows is our covered patio. This room doesn't get much natural sunlight but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for that patio, plus its great for watching movies.

Then we have our staircase that goes upstairs. Brian finishes out the stairs in hardwood too to match the floors. They're so much easier to clean! The painting at the bottom of the stairs is very special to me- it was painted by my granny who passed away in October and the frame was one of the last ones my grandfather made before she passed away about 12 years ago.

Another view of the stairs and our chair, with Riley, our 12 year old cockapoo, on it.

And last, the view heading out of the living room toward the foyer and hallway.

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Megan said...

You have a lovely house! Yes, hardwood floors are MUCH easier to clean. I wouldn't trade mine for anything!