Thursday, July 12, 2012

10th Anniversary Trip

Brian and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on July 6th!  Its very exciting to reach double digits!  Originally,  we weren't going to do anything big but after realizing that its probably our last chance to go on a trip alone for a while (since baby girl will be here soon) we decided to go for it. So, this post comes to you from Las Vegas!
Why Las Vegas you ask?! Brian picked, and no, we don't gamble and don't drink, but there is so much to do and see here! 
Below are pictures from our trip :

Thursday, June 14, 2012

3-hour Glucose Test

Today I had to go take the 3-hour glucose test because I (barely) failed the one-hour test. I had to be at the dr office at 8, after not having eaten since 6:30 the night before. Here was the order of the morning:
First, (fasting) blood draw then drinking the Glucola 100, aka nasty sugar drink.
Hour One:
Not being able to take my acid reflux medicine is NOT good! My chest is killing me and I feel nauseated from everything pushing up my esophagus! Right now
Hour Two:
She had to stick me twice for the second blood draw because my vein slipped- ouch! I'm going to look like a crack addict! And, the waiting continued.
Hour Three:
I was feeling much better and it went by pretty quickly (except the last 15 minutes when my stomach started growling like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons).
When I was finally out of there I headed to Chick-fil-a and recouped from my lack of food. Tomorrow's Brian's birthday so I went out and picked up a few things for him. Now, I'm worn out and drained, trying to regain some energy to get some things done around here!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Show Us Your Life Home Tour

Kelly, at Kelly's Korner is hosting another Show Us Your Life Home Tour. I participated in it before and really enjoyed getting to see everyone's homes and get new ideas.
So, here's my living room:

Starting with the couch area-
The clock above the couch is very special: it's a Dutch-made clock from Indonesia that my grandfather collected while they lived there.

To the left of the couch, yes, I have a deer head hanging on my wall! Brian shot it last fall and was SO very proud. It will eventually be moved to join his fish at his office once our new church building is done. And our book/picture shelf full of lots of my favorite pictures!

Next, the TV corner- pretty uneventful but we just moved the tv here after getting our hardwood floors put down. I like it here much better!

My mantle- its not real dressed up but I love it anyway. It has some of my favorite pictures on it too. Outside those two windows is our covered patio. This room doesn't get much natural sunlight but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for that patio, plus its great for watching movies.

Then we have our staircase that goes upstairs. Brian finishes out the stairs in hardwood too to match the floors. They're so much easier to clean! The painting at the bottom of the stairs is very special to me- it was painted by my granny who passed away in October and the frame was one of the last ones my grandfather made before she passed away about 12 years ago.

Another view of the stairs and our chair, with Riley, our 12 year old cockapoo, on it.

And last, the view heading out of the living room toward the foyer and hallway.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Fun

To kick off Memorial Day weekend, we went to a birthday party/cookout for the boys' cousins.
It was great fun- swimming, canoeing, fishing, digging in sand!
Logan finally got to fish with Brian for a bit, and Ethan swam almost the length of the lake then got in a canoe and paddled all around everywhere. I think he's my future triathlete!! Brian said we should call him Finnick (from The Hunger Games).
The joy of hot weather and pregnancy started for me today- Swollen hands and feet! I'm hoping it's just because I did a lot outside in the heat today and it's just catching up with me and that it won't become an everyday thing already! If so, it's going to be a LONG summer!
A funny thing: Alaina had hiccups the other night. It's funny how I forget little things like that but am quickly reminded each time. Brian said he's ready to meet "Princess". He's got to wait about 17+ weeks longer though!
Here are some pictures from our day:
Logan fishing with daddy-

One very happy boy!-

The boys swimming. That's Ethan in the distance. The others gave up before he did-

Logan and Brian in the canoe-

Overall, a great start to summer!!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

I can't believe it's finally here- the last day of school! I'm so glad it's here! Looking forward to lounging by the pool, a family beach vacation and, possibly, a 10th wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas. On top of that, I'll be going through my 21st - 30th weeks of pregnancy before school starts back. I think it's going to be a big summer for the Gregory family!

Some recent exciting family events:

Austin's last day of kindergarten.
Can't believe he's going to be in 1st grade!

My little brother graduating from high school. So proud of him- graduated with High Honors!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm back + #4

So I've finally gotten the blogpress app for my phone- maybe I'll actually keep up with it a little better now (although my spelling/typing my suffer significantly by doing it on my phone!)
For my own records & memory- we are expecting #4 now. And with 85% assurance, it's a GIRL! I'm still in a slight shock from this. I sometimes just can't believe I'm going to have a daughter. I've wanted one for so long, my mind just can't seem to wrap around the fact that I'll actually have one. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys but I'm really looking forward to having a daughter.
My pregnancy so far:
I'm 20 weeks now. I have another ultrasound June 11th to look at her heart better and we'll be able to confirm that she is indeed a girl.
Name: Alaina Jo
Weight gain: 9 lbs
Morning sickness: not at all with this pregnancy. I'm very grateful for that!
Food cravings: fruit- oranges are a favorite and sushi- I still eat in on occasion just not anything raw.
Things I miss: raw sushi, sleeping on my stomach
Maternity clothes: uh, yes. I can wear some regular shirts but all pants are maternity. I'm looking forward to summer break so I don't have to get dressed for work everyday!

I have been so bad about taking pregnancy progression pictures this time. I need to do that!

Her is Miss Alaina's pretty little face.

And here are some goodies I've purchased for my girl. It's so much fun shopping for her!

Hopefully I'll be much better about blogging now...but no promises!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yes, I'm alive

I'm still alive I've just been a complete blog loser again! I've been so busy that when I have time to sit down at night I don't want to look at a computer and wait for pictures to upload and think of something at least semi-intelligent to write! Ha! I don't have any pictures with this post but I will try to update those later. We are taking TCAPs this week at school-Aggh! All the ones I'm giving are read-aloud~there's lots of reading involved in these things!

For my own future memories:

Ethan got hurt last weekend- Logan threw a three-prong hand rake in the pool and Ethan jumped in after a shoe Logan had thrown in and jumped right on the hand rake. We spent three hours at the ER. Fortunately it wasn't broken and because it was a puncture wound, it didn't require stitches. He's been on crutches for 4 days now and hopefully its his last day! He's tired of them!

Austin had his Kindergarten physical. He is off the charts for height and weight! He doesn't seem that big compared to Ethan (who is also abnormally large) but compared to kids his age, he is pretty dang tall!

Logan is still stubborn as a mule. He still likes to say, "I'm mad!" and cross his arms. He's been very snuggly lately (which I love!). But I think it's because he's been feeling yucky from allergies.

Speaking of mules: we experienced our first Mule Day here! It was fun-don't think I'll bother paying to do to the park again but we'll probably do the parade again. Although after about an hour of mules, horses and wagons, the boys were ready to go. Ha! The weather was beautiful though and I enjoyed getting to spend that time with my boys. We have less than 30 days of school until summer vacation! I can't wait!

Bye-just for now!